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Co-Piloting White Night – Parts 3 and 4

White Night
My Fair Gamer
Written by My Fair Gamer

We are idiots. Just skip to about the 36 minute mark in the above video; unless you want to see us fumble around for a light bulb for upwards of 40 minutes. By now Ashley has completely relinquished control of the game,and for pretty good reason…Ghost Mom is around every corner, and she is very upset about your very rude intrusion. Also WHAT IS UP THAT MASK?

Oh good the attic, surely things will be much more relaxing in the attic. With the calming pitter-patter of rain we ride the spiral into madness even further. Dead birds and alchemical runes abound!

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My Fair Gamer

My Fair Gamer

Sean has been gaming since 1988 when, at the age of five, his father brought the entire family down to the electronics department of Montgomery Ward to purchase an NES Family Pack. Sean's first two games were Contra and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Bloody Tears is to this day his favorite game theme of all time. He has oscilliated between being a console and a PC gamer for the past 15 years or so, but has squarely put himself in the PC camp for the time being. He primarily enjoys single-player campaigns and co-operative games and will play just about anything except hardcore simulation or real-time strategy titles.

He also enjoys electronic music of all kinds, being an amateur photographer, plying his skill at graphic design by profession, and knows just enough Japanese to get him into trouble. His favorite game of all time is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. His favorite co-op game(s) is the Earth Defense Force series.

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